Tearing Fall Leaves

The cold gravel
is littered with leaves.

I tear a green leaf;
juicy velvet
like moist frog skin.

I tear a red leaf;
the curled spine cracks,
leathery and strong.

I pick up a brown leaf;
the tattered skeleton
crumbles to dust between my fingers.

Tearing Fall Leaves


The sound of my footsteps
mingles with falling rain.

The water droplets hang
along the brim of my hood
like diamonds.

Am I any more
than the mud that clings to my boots?

In silence I was knit;
in silence I will be unknit.


Thirsty plants want rain;
their roots search in darkness.

A river wants the ocean;
pushes its way around, over any obstacle.

A boulder wants to fall,
roars down a mountainside.

Thirsty plants,
flowing river,
falling boulder:

wanting is a natural force,
everywhere, in everything,
driving all things towards what they must be.


A Sad Leaf

One day, the leaf noticed a brown spot on its skin
that was not there before.
Then another spot.
And another.
It realized it was growing old.

And it grew older and older,
until one day,
it barely clung to the tree by a thin stem,
ready to fall.

And as it hang there,
the leaf cried,
for it had never left the tree:
never felt the ground.

sad lead

I Watch

I watch the steam
rise off the bark
of wet trees in sunlight.

I watch the water drops
that hang on branch tips
like tiny diamonds.

I watch the long beige grass
that sways and shines
like gold.

HD Morning Dew Wallpaper


One leaf,
balanced on one stem.

One stem,
balanced on one twig.

One twig,
balanced on one stick.

One stick,
balanced on one branch.

One branch,
held firm by one trunk.

One trunk,
held immoveable by hundreds of unseen root.


The silkworm twirls,
suspended twenty feet in the air.
Thread glistens white in the sunlight.

Rears its orange head,
front two arms extend together above:
a desperate prayer.

Yanks down.
Rises a fraction of a centimeter.
Adds an armful of silk to its tiny clump.

And again.
And again.


After A Night Of Being Sick

I sit on the grass,
cross-leged and shirtless,
in the sunshine.

I see a honeybee,
hovering over a flower.

My body waves
with the melody of the music
in my ears.

Pigeons wait patiently
for crums.

Trees that shed their skin
sway overhead.

Thank you for last night.
Now, each breath tastes sweeter.

The Morning After Sickness

Ocean Wave

The smooth curve grows,
widens and thickens,
shows its strength.

Boasts of itself
to the world.

But see:
even before reaching shore,
another overtakes it.

Replaces it in an instant,
drowns out its voice.


Green Leaf

Slow down.


Cherish this twilight.

This time when you are green,
ripe, strong.
You can bend without breaking
in storms
and cold sharp winds
do not tear your edges.

Cherish this time;
when you draw warmth
from the sun;
life from the air.

Slow down, little leaf,
For soon your blood will darken,
then turn to brown.

And then you will fall,
And then you will return to the dust.

Slow down, green leaf,
slow down.

green leaf