The Other Side

“I’m in pain,” you said.
“I need to crawl back in bed,
need to say it aloud;
name it.”

I, on the other side of a wall.
Never crossed:
the impassable.

There are walls of experience,
between us all.
The roof that keeps out
the rain of others’ pain,
in order that we might be a dry place for them.

Is it not a terrible, and blessed, truth
that on the other side of your seeing there are
gaping wounds;
on the other side of hearing there are
desperate cries;
and on the other side of your feeling there is
pain and cold?

The Words He Never Learnt To Say

He lies, dying, in an unfamiliar bed,
surrounded by familiar faces.

He strains for the words
he never learnt to say.

He pissed away precious the time
on people, things, and actions
that meant nothing.

Mortgage. Work. Cancer.

Next year.
When I retire.”

And now, he strains for the words
he never learnt to say.

None come.

the words he never learnt to say


Possessiveness is an ugly,
consuming thing.

It turns us into smaller people;
people of darkness.
Unable to let in light.
Unable to grow;
to broaden, deepen.

Root out posssessiveness.
Pull it out every morning,
as a weed.

Nothing is really yours in the end.


Things Come. Things Go.

Things come.
Things go.

Hold everything for its time;
gently, but firmly.
Without fear.

Know that you will have to let you go,
but embrace, nonetheless.

Adventure into life whole-heartedly.
Holding back nothing.
Regretting nothing.

no regrets


Love is our most precious commodity.

We hoard it.
Barter for it.
Give it away.

We spend out lives acquiring things, or experiences,
as a substitute for it.

It costs love to make love;
those who invest always get a return.

Without it, one is poor,
no matter how rich;
with it, one is rich,
no matter how poor.

7 love commodity


If you do not feel compassion
when someone else stumbles,
you still have further to journey.

Very few mistakes are worthy of condemnation;
judgement, criticism;
all mistakes are worthy of compassion.

What is, is.

More important than your ego
is the journey of this precious self before you.



Love is our most vital need;
our greatest thirst,
our deepest wish.

Love is worth more
than power.
We seek power
as a replacement for love.

Love, and its absence,
explain all,
contain all,
are all.