Writer’s Statement

“This most of all:  ask yourself in the most silent hour of your night:  must I write?

Dig into yourself for a deep answer.

And if this answer rings out in assent…with a strong,  simple, “I must,”

then build your whole life in accordance with this necessity.”



“Must I write?”


I’ve pondered this question.

The answer seems to keep evolving as I do.


I write to heal.

To work through emotions and thoughts.


I write as spiritual practice.

Opening and attuning to the Now,

engaging in creative Flow.


I write in hopes of empowering others.

Rooting out my own fear,

thereby giving other permission to do the same.


I write in hopes of teaching;

passing on what I’ve learned.


I write to paint

the Beauty (and suffering)

that I see in the world.


I can’t say it better than Rilke:

I write because I must.

reimo writing