Go Forth, Boldly

Go forth, boldly,
in the direction of
your desires!

Stride toward them,
not in the shadows,
but in the light of day.

Stop talking about “ought” and “should”;
be outright with what you want.

Your hand will reach for what it wants;
even if it has to deceive you into doing it.

go forth boldly

Mr. Potato-Head

I imagine that every one of us,
on our deathbed,
will realize that we took “ourselves” too seriously.

– That the “I” was a fiction of my own imagination.
A nothing. An idea. A cartoon character;
a Mr. Potato-Head.

And I imagine that every single one of us;
once we come to terms with that reality;
the mutability of the self;
will say, with some regret:

“why did I not dare
to create something more of this Self?
Something bolder?
Something richer?
Something more distinct?”

bolder, richer

Hang On

Drips of sweat.

Do not give up.
Another few seconds
go deeper into your strength.
Hold tighter.

The mind let go long before.
The will holds on.
Its fingers grow weak
but refuse to let go
of the bar above its head.

hold on

Infinite Crossroad

This moment,
you stand at the infinite crossroad;
forks, uncountable.

Life unfolds one way;
one alone.
The movement right
destroys the possibility of left.

The path before you,
once malleable mud,
turns to stone as you step.
Closes behind you.

But see: another infinite crossroad
has come.


Drink It In

The most beautiful moments of life
are not planned.

They catch you by surprise,
leave you breathless,
pull your heart up into your throat.

Your only task is to hold your breath;
hold your gaze.
Drink it in.

The original beauty fades,
the afterglow, bittersweet.

Learn to embrace the cycle:
Surprise, delight, loss.
Surprise, delight, loss.

Do not try to hold on.


Be You

Be you.

Something different,
only because it is what it is.

Something people run into like a wall.
Something that makes them feel alive.
Something that makes heads bob to invisible beat.

Make them tumble and turn,
searching for words
to describe what you are.

Can you discover yourself?
The extraordinary, within?

ayn rand


down through the icy water
to the bottom of Things.
To the hard, cold floor.

Your grasping mind
hits reality,
plants its feet,
shoots back up to the surface.

Your lungs can finally be at rest with Things;
take every Thing in fully,
and let it out fully.

Your gasping mind can finally breathe.

ocean floor

Video Game Life

View your life as a video game.
– Or, real, but only in the sense that a game is real
to the characters in it.

Each day is a new opportunity;
challenges (not “problems”),
testing your abilities;
levels (not “imperfections”),
testing your courage.

Dare to explore this fantastic world;
dare to experiment, to try;
to see what is possible
in this video game life.

video game life